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  • New Publication on Net Metering Reform

    | March 20, 2014 | Add a comment

    For the sake of this exercise, imagine that you have a sizable vegetable garden in your back yard.  One year you decide to plant tomatoes and because of optimal sunshine and rain you end up having a bumper crop at harvest.  You have so many tomatoes that even after eating … »

  • The EU’s Energy Conundrum

    | February 25, 2014 | Add a comment

    By: Riley Workman The push to control carbon emissions and increase renewable energy alternatives in the United States has sparked a swarm of controversy over the effectiveness and economic impact such measures might have. If left unchecked, these restrictions can have severe economic consequences for the U.S. and remove the … »

  • The Energy Link: Energy Producing States and Rising Incomes

    | December 13, 2013 | Add a comment

    On this blog we have previously written about an apparent link between energy producing states and improving unemployment rates.  Between 1995 and 2011, the four states that saw their unemployment rates improve at the greatest rate compared to the national average are significant energy producers: West Virginia, North Dakota, Alaska, … »

  • ALEC Oil Sands Trip Educates Legislators On Environmentally Conscious Energy Production

    | November 6, 2013 | Add a comment

    Last month, a group of ALEC members flew to Calgary in Alberta, Canada, to tour an oil sands facility and meet with representatives of the Alberta government, energy companies and an environmental group to learn more about the economic and environmental impact of oil drilling. This is the second year … »

  • Sue and Settle: How the EPA Replaces States with Environmental Groups

    | October 22, 2013 | Add a comment

    Earlier this year, the American Legislative Exchange Council released a report titled The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Assault of State Sovereignty that documents the EPA’s ongoing attempts to seize more and more environmental regulatory authority from the states. One trend that the report highlights is the rise of so-called EPA … »

  • The Energy Link: Energy Producing States and Unemployment

    and | July 10, 2013 | Add a comment

    With millions of families across the country still struggling to recover from the Great Recession, a deeper look at how some states fared through recessions versus less fortunate states may provide state policy makers with some ideas for how to get their citizens working again. Back in 1995, a time … »

  • EPA’s Assault on State Sovereignty Part II

    and | June 27, 2013 | Add a comment

    Obama’s recently released climate change initiative calls for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to unleash yet another energy regulation aimed at reducing greenhouse gases from existing power plants, severely threatening the generation of affordable and reliable energy. This is only one piece of an unprecedented EPA regulatory assault unleashed … »

  • Constitutionality of Renewable Energy Mandates in Question

    and | June 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

    With a potentially striking blow to renewable mandate advocates, a recent federal court ruling calls into question the constitutionality of key components of many states’ renewable energy mandates. On Friday, June 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) against the state of Michigan … »

  • European Lessons on Renewable Energy Subsidies

    and | May 29, 2013 | Add a comment

    Considering how important and ubiquitous energy is for virtually all of life’s activities, it should come as no surprise that energy policy often dominates the agendas in legislative chambers in each of the fifty states and on Capitol Hill.  Historically, most of the energy debate in many of these legislative … »

  • In Honor of Armed Forces Day: A “Helmets to Hardhats” Remedy to an Unemployment Challenge

    | May 15, 2013 | Add a comment

    By The Honorable William (Bill) Payne, NM (SD-20) Senator Payne is the NM Minority Whip and ALEC’s National Security Subcommittee Chair. As our grateful nation observes Armed Forces Day on Saturday, May 18, the American Legislative Exchange Council joins in honoring those who have bravely and admirably served our country. We … »