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  • Internet Essentials Program Benefits American Education

    ALEC lauds the benefits of digital learning in American education, such as customized learning programs for struggling students and more time for “higher-level discussions.” Additionally, technology in the classroom empowers “students to learn anytime, anywhere; to be always learning.” To the benefit of greater digital education, the Philadelphia-based telecommunications company, … »

  • High Stakes Rules For Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts

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    This post was written by Jonathan Butcher, who is education director at the Goldwater Institute and senior fellow at the Beacon Center. For 17 years, Fit Learning in Reno, Nevada has been tutoring students in a variety of subjects. Every child is different, and current director Donny Newsome, Ph.D., explains that … »

  • Every State Can Excel in Dual Language Immersion

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    This guest post was written by Utah State Senator Howard Stevenson (SD-11). Utah became the nation’s leader in dual language immersion (DLI) from passage of SB 41 in 2008, which provided modest incentives to pay for teaching materials in the target language and for professional development. The first DLI cohort graduated this year from … »

  • Nevada: Setting New Precedents in Education Choice

    Nevada has become the first state in the nation to provide parents uncompromised educational freedom through the passage of Universal Education Savings Accounts (ESA). Nevada’s Senate Bill 302 raises the bar previously set by Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida, whose legislation stipulates eligibility restrictions and provides all parents control over … »

  • Higher Education and Private Sector Investment

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    The following article by Jonathan Butcher first appeared at See Thru EDU, a project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Last month, the Chronicle of Higher Education featured students that participated in billionaire Peter Thiel’s fellowship program that paid them not to go to college. This opportunity has great advantages … »

  • More States Join the School Choice Movement

    Alabama and Montana passed historic school choice legislation this legislative session, giving parents more options in choosing the best atmosphere for the education of their children. Finally, Alabama and Montana join more than 40 states in the movement for school choice and educational freedom, demonstrating that Americans want school choice. … »

  • Magnet Schools Drawing More Attention

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    While the term “school choice” is often perceived as a decision between public and private institutions, magnet schools offer an opportunity to introduce another option for parents and families within their public school district. With almost 3,000 magnet schools nationwide in 2012, the trend embracing more public school choice continues … »

  • Teacher Evaluations Back in the News

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    The ability to recruit and retain effective, quality teachers is one of the most crucial elements of education reform and improved student achievement. Excellent educators should be recognized for their unparalleled ability to reach students and change lives. Likewise, those teachers deemed less effective by regular, data-driven evaluations should be … »

  • Homeschooling Continues to Grow

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    According to the latest data available, approximately 1.7 million students are homeschooled in the United States, or 3.4 percent of the total schooling population. Interestingly, the number of Hispanic families choosing to homeschool their children grew to 15 percent from 9.8 percent in 2007. Also, when asked the most important … »

  • Indiana Leads the Way in STEM Education

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    March 14 was Albert Einstein’s birthday, a scientific legend known worldwide whose name has become synonymous with the word ‘genius.’ How many Einsteins are growing up in America’s public schools today but are hindered from reaching their full potential due to poor education policy? Today, some states are leading the … »