President Obama’s Budget Proposal Violates the Principles of Sound Tax Policy

This week President Obama rolled out his budget proposal, which again demonstrates how incredibly out of step the president is with the rest of the country. Just a couple of weeks after outlining $320 billion in tax increases during his State of the Union address (and quickly backtracking on a … »

International Trade – The States Are Economic Stakeholders

The views expressed in this blog post are those of a subject matter expert and do not necessarily reflect model policies maintained by the American Legislative Exchange Council. It is so widely accepted that citizens of countries embracing international trade fare better economically than citizens of countries that do not, … »

States Prove that Educational Freedom Works

This appeared on January 30, 2015. State lawmakers will surely haggle over education policy this legislative session, but hopefully they will remember the purpose of any education system during their battle over budgets: excellence in education and an equal opportunity for every child to succeed. The term “education reform” … »

State of the Union Tax Proposal Would Hurt Middle Class

Update: President Obama dropped his proposal to tax 529 college saving accounts. This appeared on on January 23, 2015. During his seventh State of the Union Address, President Obama outlined his vision for an economic plan he claims will help the middle class. And for the seventh year in … »