Minnesota vs. Michigan: A Case For Larger Government?

A recent report published by Michigan Future Inc. attempts to defy economics 101, arguing that high taxes and larger government have caused economic success in Minnesota. The report used a meager sampling of two states, coupled with poor analysis to draw a number of unfounded conclusions about the relationship between … »

Supreme Court Rules In-Home Personal Care Providers Cannot be Compelled to Pay Union Agency Fees

In a 5-4 decision yesterday, the Supreme Court held in Harris v. Quinn that the First Amendment prohibits the collection of agency fees from in-home personal care providers who do not wish to join or support a union. While the ruling deals a blow to organized labor by prohibiting personal … »

The Energy Link: Energy Producing States and Economic Growth

 In this space, we have written about an apparent connection between states that develop their natural resources and lower unemployment rates.  Between 1995 and 2011, the four states that saw their unemployment rates improve at the greatest rate compared to the national average are significant energy producers: West Virginia, North … »

State Tax Cuts Indicate Emphasis on Economic Growth

The 2013 legislative session saw a strong trend of states cutting various taxes, as 18 states passed net tax cuts into law. When one-third of the country cuts taxes, it is clear economic growth is a top priority for states digging out of a dismal economy. The cuts range from … »