Message to States: Don’t Let High Pole Attachment Rates Become Barriers to Broadband

This article by Seth L. Cooper first appeared at the Free State Foundation on June 1, 2015. State and local governments have important policy roles to play in spurring deployment of next-generation broadband to their communities. One important thing that states can do to incentivize broadband growth is prevent unnecessary … »

EPA: Fracking Does Not Pose “Systemic” Threat to Drinking Water

Over the past decade, hydraulic fracturing (often colloquially referred to as “fracking”) has generated a great deal of criticism from environmentalists and other activists. However, after conducting a four-year study on the potential impact of fracking on drinking water resources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found no evidence of … »

A Capital Gains Tax Would Hurt Economic Opportunity in Washington State

Washington state has a competitive advantage when compared to neighboring states because the state does not currently levy a tax on wage income or capital gains. In fact, the state’s own Department of Commerce agrees, stating, “We offer business some competitive advantages found in a few other states. These include … »

Nevada: Setting New Precedents in Education Choice

Nevada has become the first state in the nation to provide parents uncompromised educational freedom through the passage of Universal Education Savings Accounts (ESA). Nevada’s Senate Bill 302 raises the bar previously set by Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida, whose legislation stipulates eligibility restrictions and provides all parents control over … »