Internet Essentials Program Benefits American Education

ALEC lauds the benefits of digital learning in American education, such as customized learning programs for struggling students and more time for “higher-level discussions.” Additionally, technology in the classroom empowers “students to learn anytime, anywhere; to be always learning.” To the benefit of greater digital education, the Philadelphia-based telecommunications company, … »

ALEC Honors Oklahoma Representative Randy McDaniel as 2015 Legislator of the Year

  In 2014, Oklahoma policymakers took a bold step to secure the financial future for current and future state employees. Those leaders passed a reform package that transitioned the state away from the antiquated and financially unsustainable defined-benefit pension system to a fiscally sound defined-contribution system. States around the country … »

Bureaucratic Intransigence Hinders Montana’s Ability to Fight Wildfires

2015 is shaping up to be one of the most severe wildfire seasons in a decade for the American northwest and mountain states, prompting Montana Governor Steve Bullock to declare a state of emergency in Montana due to the number of fires already burning and the high fire danger throughout … »

Vermont’s Soft Drink Tax Is a Nightmare for Small Businesses

  Vermont consumers have an unwelcome surprise at the cash register: a new six-percent sales tax on their favorite soft drink. This session, Vermont passed $63 million in new taxes, including the soft drink tax, which imposes a heavy compliance cost on small business. Even more worrisome, the Vermont Department … »