Give the Fed Input on Lawsuit Interest Rates

For seven years, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at zero to help encourage a fledgling economy to pick up steam. During this time, interest rates for lawsuit award winners in up to 20 states have been as high as 12 percent. When lawsuit awards are paid out over … »

Paris Climate Change Talks: A Primer

Later this year, the eyes of the world will turn to Paris for two weeks as delegates from the international community gather at the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP 21/CMP 11).[1] Running from November 30th through December 11th, the conference will seek to achieve for the first time … »

Missouri Judge Upholds State Minimum Wage Law

Good news for small business owners and their employees in St. Louis. Judge Steven Ohmer of the 22nd Circuit  overturned an attempt by the city of St. Louis to mandate an $11 an hour minimum wage hike. According to the Missouri Times, Ohmer ruled that a city could not enact … »

Jonathan Williams and Karla Jones Interviewed on I Spy Radio

Jonathan Williams, Vice President of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform, spoke with Dr. Mark on I Spy Radio in Oregon about the continued trend of Americans moving to states with fiscal policies that protect taxpayers and reward hard work. Dr. Mark then spoke with Karla Jones, Director of … »