Love for Lawsuit Reform

Lawsuit reform is a subject that only comes up in the psyche of the American political debate from time to time, but if you ask the average American, most will tell you they think there are too many lawsuits and that many of them do little more than make plaintiffs’ … »

Final 2014 Installment of Rich States, Poor States 7th Edition Released

It is the goal of every state legislature to improve the economic conditions of their respective state. However, the practices behind how a state accomplishes this feat have been a subject of debate for years. The beauty of the American political system is that each state can serve as a … »

Good Jobs First Acknowledges the ALEC Fight Against Cronyism

The issue of cronyism provides a great opportunity for many advocates of truly free markets and limited government to ally with principled leftists on a mutual cause—ending special preferences granted by government. At its very best, shared opposition to cronyism allows both sides to set aside their conflicting policy goals … »

ALEC to Review and Reply to FCC’s Latest Internet Regulation Plan

The Federal Communications Commission’s website crashed on July 15. The crash was occasioned by public comments on the FCC’s proposal to give itself broad new regulatory controls over aspects of the Internet. It was an unintentionally hilarious moment. A question readily presented: Do we really want to give extensive powers … »