ALEC Urges FCC to Respect Federalism, Reject Preemption on Muni Broadband

On August 29, ALEC CEO Lisa Nelson and twenty state legislators sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They called on the FCC to respect principles of constitutional federalism regarding states’ authority over their local governments. State constitutions or state legislatures create and define the powers of county, … »

Labor Day: An Opportunity to Reflect on How to Expand Freedom for Public Employees

Today marks the 120th celebration of Labor Day as a federal holiday. While the day’s origins can be found in the organized labor movement of the late 19th century, for most Americans it now signifies the last weekend of summer and the beginning of the next school year. Nevertheless, Labor … »

New Report on State and Local Business Taxes

The Council on State Taxation, in conjunction with Ernst & Young, recently released a report on state and local taxes paid by businesses in Fiscal Year 2013. The report provides a detailed state-by-state breakdown of taxes paid by businesses and even includes data on what categories the taxes belong. Overall, … »

FCC Commissioner’s Staffer Makes Compelling Case Against Muni Broadband Preemption

On August 20, Matthew Berry, Chief of Staff to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Ajit Pai, spoke out in convincing manner against FCC preemption of state laws restricting municipal broadband networks. His remarks revealed the unwise, unlawful and unconstitutional dimensions of the FCC’s power-grab-in-progress. The FCC is now taking public … »