Revenue Shortfalls and Debt Downgrades in Kansas

Kansas policymakers were recently hit with two pieces of bad news: a state bond downgrade by Moody’s investors and lower than expected income tax revenues. Opponents of Kansas tax reform and reform efforts outside the state are hailing this as a “teachable moment” on the problems with tax reform, but … »

Massachusetts Plans to Replace Troubled Health Insurance Exchange

On the heels of Oregon’s decision to drop its dysfunctional health insurance site, Massachusetts officials announced plans to follow suit on Monday. Unlike Oregon, however, Massachusetts will be taking a different replacement route—instead of using to sign up enrollees, Massachusetts will attempt to build a new health marketplace site … »

Missouri Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto, Choose Economic Growth

Yesterday, the Missouri House of Representatives voted to override the veto of Governor Jay Nixon and enact broad based tax cuts for the citizens of Missouri for the first time in almost 100 years. The Missouri House joins the Missouri Senate, which voted to override Governor Nixon’s veto Monday. The … »

Oregon’s $300 Million Exchange to be Transferred to Feds

Earlier today, Oregon became the first state-run health exchange to adopt the federal exchange portal. After receiving more than $300 million in federal grants, the state struggled to sign up private insurance enrollees through their own online portal, Cover Oregon. Due to these difficulties and the projected costs of … »