Paris Climate Change Talks: What Might an Agreement Look Like?

The Paris climate convention expected to take place later this year represents the culmination of more than 20 years of work by thousands of international delegates. Since the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992, the UN has attempted to develop a legally binding … »

Clean Power Plan Published in Federal Register

Almost three months after being finalized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the much anticipated Clean Power Plan has been published in the Federal Register.  Today’s publication means a couple different things. First, states and other impacted organizations can now file lawsuits challenging the legality of the rule, the … »

Uber and Lyft: Expanding Demand for Fare-Based Rides in Cities

Uber and Lyft both take business away from traditional taxis and increase overall demand for transportation-type companies. A study by the city of Portland, Oregon, as reported by Bloomberg Technology, collected data during the city’s trial period for Transportation Networking Companies (TNCs). The data, as presented, is both startling and … »

House Reauthorizes Opportunity Scholarship Program for the District of Columbia

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Act (SOAR), which reauthorizes the District of Columbia’s voucher program (DCOSP), by 240 votes to 191. In DCOSP’s 12-year history, it has served more than 6,100 low-income students in the District by providing them with access to … »