New Poll Reveals Strong Majority of Americans Support Pension Reform

State pension plans across the country continue to face significant fiscal challenges. In fact, nonpartisan fiscal watchdog State Budget Solutions estimates that state pension unfunded liabilities now total $4.7 trillion. The latest Reason-Rupe national telephone poll of more than 1,000 adults reveals that state pension unfunded liabilities have captured public … »

Guest post: Crafting strong educational policies while protecting student data

By: Mary Gifford, Senior Vice President of Academic Policy and External Relations, K12 In September 2013, Oklahoma passed a bill safeguarding student data, and since then, student and family data privacy issues have received greater attention in state houses, largely because of increased data collection requirements and availability of data. … »

VIDEO: How Big Government Makes a Criminal of Every American

Listen to the stories of Bobby Unser, a three-time Indianapolis 500 champion who was charged with committing a crime in his fight to survive, and Mr. and Mrs. Denicore, a couple who fought back when facing charges for their children’s tardiness at school.     For Bobby Unser and his … »

Wyoming Defeats Medicaid Expansion Proposal

On Friday, the Wyoming State Senate voted 19-11 against a proposal to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The House Labor, Health and Social Services Committee then pulled its version of the bill. “With all of the Senate’s work, they still fundamentally believe this is not the right thing … »