How Personal Income Tax Increases Hurt Small Businesses

The Tax Foundation recently published an outstanding map that shows the percentage of “pass-through entities” filling in the federal personal income tax code in each of the 50 states. Pass-through entities are essentially businesses that are filling their business earnings in the personal income tax code, instead of the corporate … »

ALEC Report Card Finds Which States Favor Homeschoolers

Last month, ALEC released its annual Report Card on American Education. The report ranks states’ education policy based on six areas, including state academic standards; charter school laws; private school choice programs; overall teacher quality; digital learning opportunities; and the regulatory burden placed on homeschool families. The study, which included … »

State Factor: States are Engaging EPA on Clean Power Plan

Much has been written in this space recently about the impacts of EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan. There are, of course, financial concerns about the effects of the Plan on electricity rates, gross domestic product, employment and disposable income. There are also reliability concerns, specifically having to do with the … »

Texas Failing to Offer Private School Choice

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has released the 19th edition of its annual Report Card on American Education, where it ranks states’ education policy based on six areas: state academic standards, charter school laws, home-school regulations, private school choice programs, overall teacher quality and policies, and digital learning opportunities. … »