Overcriminalization Interview with Jason Lewis

On March 24, Cara Sullivan went on The Jason Lewis Show to discuss the importance of criminal justice reforms, which include mandatory minimum sentencing reform, criminal intent requirements within the law, provisional licensing and the pervasiveness of overcriminalization in America. Cara is the director of ALEC’s Justice Performance Project, which … »

Increasing Education Spending Does Not Equal Higher Test Scores

Over the last four decades, education spending has steadily increased in the United States, yet schools are not delivering the return on investment students and families deserve. The total cost to educate a student from kindergarten through high school graduation has nearly tripled from $56,903 in 1972 to $164,426 in … »

Kansas Supreme Court Usurps Legislature’s Authority

In most states, elected officials, usually state legislators, are responsible for assessing what education funding in the state should be and will be. Recently, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that in fact, the judicial branch has jurisdiction over this crucial area of the budget. Although the Court didn’t answer the … »

John Stephenson Testimony on Electronic Data Privacy Protection

On March 20, 2014 ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force Director John Stephenson was asked to testify in front of the South Carolina House Judiciary’s Constitutional Laws Subcommittee hearing on H 4791, the Electronic Data Privacy Protection Act. South Carolina is one of eight states considering cellphone digital privacy legislation. … »