State Tax Cuts Indicate Emphasis on Economic Growth

The 2013 legislative session saw a strong trend of states cutting various taxes, as 18 states passed net tax cuts into law. When one-third of the country cuts taxes, it is clear economic growth is a top priority for states digging out of a dismal economy. The cuts range from … »

Consumer Behavior and Retail Bag Usage

Thus far in 2014, many state lawmakers have had to consider several different types of legislation that regulate, tax, or ban single-use retail bags. Some proposals target plastic, others paper, and others go after both. Proponents of such plans will often claim that they’re designed to deter litter and to … »

Why the FCC Should Stay Out of the Local Broadband Business

This appeared on May 20, 2014. By: Rep. Blair Thoreson Despite two failed federal attempts to assume new powers over the Internet, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking its third shot at regulating broadband Internet services, and this time there’s a strange twist. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler plans … »

Nevada Drops Problematic Health Exchange Website

Following the lead of Maryland, Oregon, and, most recently, Massachusetts, Nevada became the fourth state last week to drop its troubled health exchange website after facing serious technological issues and significantly missing the mark on enrollment predictions. Instead of the current enrollment system, Nevada’s Silver State Health Insurance Board unanimously … »