Pipe dream? Review pipe procurement policies to keep taxpayer money from going down the drain

This op-ed originally appeared in the March 2015 edition of Public Works Magazine. When city councils look for ways to save money, they often don’t think to look underground. After labor costs, public works projects are the biggest financial drivers in a municipal budget. Yet councils frequently leave piping decisions … »

Civil Forfeiture Assumes Guilt

This appeared in The Baltimore Sun March 20, 2015. In August 2012, law enforcement stopped Mandrel Stuart, the owner of a small barbecue restaurant in Virginia, for a minor traffic violation. During the routine traffic stop, $17,550 that Stuart had earned from his restaurant and intended to use for supplies … »

West Virginia Latest State to Curb Asbestos Lawsuit Abuse

Anyone who watches late night TV knows that asbestos lawsuits are still abound even though the substance was largely dropped from use in the 1970’s. That’s because the diseases associated with repeated asbestos exposure can take many decades to manifest themselves. Now that thousands of lawsuits have been brought and … »

Seizing the Initiative: How States Can Help Themselves in Rehabilitating Underground Water Infrastructure

By: Bonner R. Cohen Faced with the rapid deterioration of their underground water networks, state and local governments are seeking to make the best use of their limited funds to ensure that their constituents are served with a safe and affordable water supply. In a 2010 report, the U.S. Conference … »