Pence: Solutions Come From the States – Not Federal Government

By: Indiana Governor Mike Pence  Over the last several decades, Washington has passed laws and promulgated regulations that diminish the ability of states to govern as envisioned by our nation’s founders. Meanwhile, across this great nation, governors are balancing budgets, reforming and reducing taxes, reducing the state regulatory burden and … »

States Should Reform Provisional Licensing Laws to Help Lower Recidivism

What do food preparation, auto repair and barbering have in common? They are among a number of professional occupations across the country that are often inaccessible to those with a criminal conviction. For those who want to rebuild their lives after serving time in prison, states must rethink their provisional … »

S&P and Income Inequality

Lately, left-leaning economists have been happy to jump on the popular bandwagon claim that income inequality is threatening potential for economic growth. Most recently, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) economic research division, Capital IQ, recently published a study arguing that income inequality is adversely affecting state economic growth and state tax … »

Arkansas Should Consider Policies Proven to Work—Not New Prisons

By: Pat Nolan and Cara Sullivan Arkansas’ prison population has grown 17% more in the last year than in any of the past fifteen years and it is expected to keep growing throughout the next five years. The Arkansas General Assembly recently met to discuss and approve over $6 million … »