NERC Report Highlights Potential Reliability Impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-profit international regulatory authority whose mission is to ensure the reliability of the electric grid and power supply in North America. Earlier this month, NERC released its preliminary review of the potential electric grid reliability concerns that may arise as a … »

Like Your Cell Phone? That’ll Be An Extra 17 Percent

Since Americans have become more mobile the demand for wireless access has increased. However, high tax burdens on wireless services have made it increasingly difficult for consumers to pay their cell phone bills. In a recently released report, Wireless Taxation in the United States 2014, Scott Mackey and Joseph Henchman of … »

Lawsuits Filed in Response to Fracking Ban in Denton, TX

In what many pundits have described as a “wave election,” many candidates who embraced and campaigned on the principles of free-markets and limited government saw great success this past Tuesday. In contrast, however, the citizens of Denton, TX voted via referendum to ban the oil and gas drilling technique commonly … »

Post-Election Analysis by the American Legislative Exchange Council

Update: to see a full 50-state legislative breakdown, see our full map. The midterm elections offered a clear mandate for limited government, free market advocates across the country. The anti-Washington, D.C., pro-federalism shift was seen both in federal and state elections. While tradition dictates the president’s party lost seats in … »