Dodd Frank at Five Years – Another Big Government Failure

The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, named for Senator Christopher Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, who helped spearhead its creation in reaction to the financial crisis, was touted as a means to prevent another government bailout and to mitigate supposed predatory financial lending practices. The law as ultimately enacted is more … »

Clean Power Plan Legal Battle Begins

Early last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final version of the Clean Power Plan, the federal regulation designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants by roughly one-third from 2005 levels. Mere days after the final rule was released, Elbert Lin, solicitor general … »

California Budget Fails to Address Long-Term Fiscal Stability

California’s newly enacted budget for 2015-2016 falls short of properly addressing the institutional budget troubles the state has faced for years.  The California budget shows some steps in the right direction, like adding to the state’s Rainy Day Fund.  However, it fails to deal with the elephant in the room: … »

ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson on OANN’s The Daily Ledger

American Legislative Exchange Council CEO Lisa B. Nelson appeared on One American News Network’s The Daily Ledger to talk with Graham Ledger about the 42nd ALEC Annual Meeting in San Diego. Ledger interviewed Nelson on a variety of topics, including the role of the EPA, Article V and the importance … »