The Past, Present and Future of Common Core Part 2

  In January, the Task Force on Education conducted a three-part series, “The Past, Present and Future of Common Core.” This three-part series was designed to serve as an informational forum to learn more about common core in a neutral environment. Part two focused on the present position of Common … »

Hair Braiding: The Fight Against Occupational Licensing

Unnecessary occupational licensing laws limit free market competition and discourage employment by preventing people from entering the workforce. In recent years, hair braiding has been a focus of licensing battles within state courts and legislatures. Late last week, Arkansas and Iowa both took initial steps to expand opportunities for hair … »

ALEC HHS Task Force Director on the Lars Larson Show

On February 19, Sean Riley, the director of the ALEC Task Force on Health and Human Services, went on the Lars Larson National Radio Show to discuss Obamacare enrollment numbers. Listen to Sean’s 10-minute segment at the 00:47:11 mark below.

Walmart Recent Wage Increase a Free Market Success

Yesterday, Walmart announced that, beginning in April of this year, the company will raise the pay of all its employees to at least $9 an hour. In 2016, the company’s minimum pay rate will again jump to $10. This move will affect approximately 500,000 Walmart employees and, along with several … »