Sued for Someone Else’s Products? Alabama Says No.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed into law legislation that would protect drug manufacturers from being sued for products created by their generic brand competitors. In January of 2013 and again last summer, the Alabama Supreme Court decided  to allow an individual who used only the generic version of Reglan to … »

Exports Drive Economic Growth in the States

International trade is a job creation engine that supports more than one in five jobs nationwide. Every state benefits from exports, and Texas, California and New York have the highest export revenues. Even states earning less than the top three states receive billions of export dollars. The United States is … »

Federal Complexities Cause Overcriminalization of America

In addition to state and local laws, more than 4,500 federal criminal laws and an estimated 300,000 federal regulations carrying potential criminal penalties threaten to place Americans on the wrong side of the criminal justice system. The incredible number of criminal laws and regulations means that average people and business … »

Majority of Exchange Enrollees Previously Had Coverage

A new study this week from RAND Corp. estimates that just 4.1 of the 11.2 million people enrolled in exchanges were previously uninsured. The majority, 7.1 million, had coverage prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Indeed, a higher number of uninsured gained coverage through Medicaid than through the exchanges, … »