Operating on Constitutional Boundaries – Is There a Need for Legislative Updates to Electronic Privacy Protection Laws?

Long gone are the days when law enforcement surveillance meant officers with cameras standing on corners wearing trench coats, hats and sunglasses. Now law enforcement can use thermal imaging cameras from drones, intercept cell phone calls and even track personal information through cell phones. Advances in technology, perceptions that law … »

ALEC Releases New State Factor on Recidivism Reduction Practices

One in every 100 American adults is behind bars, and four in ten of those released end up back behind bars within three years. America’s failing criminal justice system costs federal, state and local governments over $80 billion every year, yet does not deliver adequate public safety results for taxpayers … »

Even Supreme Court Justices Show Up for Jury Duty: Exploring Jury Service Exemptions

Last week, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts showed up for jury duty in Montgomery County to serve his patriotic duty. He may not have been assigned to a case, but he still showed up. While there’s probably a good argument for exempting Supreme Court Justices from serving … »

Telemedicine Controversy in Texas

The Texas Medical Board views rules it adopted April 10 as “expanding telemedicine opportunities,” but business and industry groups insist they’ll instead serve to “drive a stake through the heart” of telemedicine in the Lone Star State. At the center of the issue is whether a video consultation is enough … »