On Saint Patrick’s Day, U.S. Has Much to Learn From Ireland

While Saint Patrick’s Day gives people all over the world a reason to be Irish for a day, it might be better for the United States to move permanently ‘Irish’ when it comes to corporate income tax rates. The United States currently has the highest corporate income tax rate in … »

Expanding Internet Access Through Innovation in the Private Sector

The promise of broadband is being realized across the country, in urban and rural communities, including all demographics, amongst the middle class and the poor. While access to, and adoption of, broadband have not necessarily spread evenly, they do in fact continue to spread. While the news has been full … »

Strengthening the U.S.-Israel Economic and Strategic Partnership

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress remind the American people that, despite reports of strains in the partnership, U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation has recently accelerated on a number of fronts. Building on the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Israel by then-President George W. Bush in … »

Utah Legislature Passes Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform

Thursday, the Utah Legislature passed reforms to realign the state’s criminal justice spending and strengthen alternatives to incarceration for low-risk, low-level offenders. The legislation, HB 348, now goes to Governor Gary Herbert for his expected signature. Over the past decade, while Utah has maintained an imprisonment rate below the national … »