President and Congress follow States’ Lead on Criminal Justice Reform

This morning, President Obama visited a federal prison in Oklahoma and remarked about the need to reform America’s criminal justice system. Before flying to Oklahoma, President Obama said the following: “I tend not to have a lot of sympathy when it comes to violent crime,” he said. “But when it … »

Jonathan Williams Discusses Pennsylvania’s Competitiveness on PMA Perspective

Jonathan Williams Discusses Pennsylvania’s Competitiveness on PMA Perspective On Sunday night, Vice President for the Center for State Fiscal Reform, Jonathan Williams, joined Carl Marrara of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association on PMA Perspective to discuss Pennsylvania’s recent decline in economic competitiveness. According to this year’s edition of Rich States, Poor States, … »

Taxing the Cloud: Chicago Decides to Tax Residents for Using Netflix

Can a city tax the cloud? Not the type of cloud in the sky, but the technological cloud. Netflix. Spotify. Pandora. Amazon. These companies have become massive suppliers of cloud-based media over the last several years. Millions of hardworking Americans have utilized these services in the names of convenience, on … »

Map: Natural Gas Production in the U.S.

One of the greatest achievements of the American 21st Century has been the advances made in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technologies. These innovative well stimulation and extraction techniques have made enormous quantities of hydrocarbons that have been locked away in shale rock accessible now for the first time. Between … »