ALEC Urges FCC to Respect Federalism

Recently two local governments have filed petitions with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in an attempt to have the federal government preempt state laws on local government-owned broadband networks. In response, ALEC sent initial comments, signed by 20 state legislators, and reply comments to the FCC stating our objections to … »

Number of Federal Prisoners Declines for First Time Since 1980

In September, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released their annual report on the prison population of the United States. In 2013 an estimated 1,574,700 prisoners were held under the legal authority of state and federal correctional officials–a figure that excludes the population of local jails. This is an increase in … »

Maryland Seeks Power to Double Tax Income

This appeared on October 10, 2014 While it may seem unfair to pay income taxes twice, Maryland residents have been doing so for years. That’s because unlike most other states, Maryland’s tax code does not provide a full tax credit for taxes paid to other states. This means anyone … »

Polar Vortex Highlights Grid Reliability Concerns

One of the chief concerns about the EPA’s recently proposed Clean Power Plan is the effect that the regulation would have on electric grid reliability. We’ve written before about the roughly 50 gigawatts of installed baseload capacity that the EPA itself acknowledges will be retired by 2020 directly as a … »