Empowering Victims of Crime through Outreach and Involvement

Crime, at its core, inflicts harm on the victim. As such, one of the primary purposes of the criminal justice system should be to repair the damage done by the crime and prevent further victimization by rehabilitating and holding accountable the offender. Yet, with the criminal justice system and reform … »

FCC’s Broadband Preemption Analysis and Prediction

There may not be a better example of Washington poignantly ignoring our federalist system than the recent FCC order preempting state laws regarding under what circumstances the municipalities may build and operate a broadband Internet system of their own.  The reasons for municipalities to not take the risk are numerous, … »

Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day was first observed on April 22, 1970 as the brainchild of former Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI). One of the leading proponents of environmentalism and conservation at the time, Sen. Nelson envisioned Earth Day as an “environmental teach-in” that would generate popular support for an environmental agenda. Modeled on … »

Operating on Constitutional Boundaries – Is There a Need for Legislative Updates to Electronic Privacy Protection Laws?

Long gone are the days when law enforcement surveillance meant officers with cameras standing on corners wearing trench coats, hats and sunglasses. Now law enforcement can use thermal imaging cameras from drones, intercept cell phone calls and even track personal information through cell phones. Advances in technology, perceptions that law … »