International Trade and Trade Promotion Authority – A Definite SOTU Highlight

International trade took center stage several times during this week’s State of the Union Address as the president recognizes its potential as an engine for economic growth and job creation. Every state in the union benefits from exports and over 38 million U.S. jobs are supported by international trade. These … »

State of the Union: ALEC Experts Respond

Updated January 21, 2015 Jon Russell, director of the American City County Exchange (ACCE):   One of the most pressing issues facing local governments across the country is the need for local police agencies to have access to body cameras to provide adequate protections for officers and the public. In his … »

Criminalizing America: System Error

Watch this entrepreneur explain how he was targeted and raided by the federal government for breaking a law, despite language in the law that explicitly said he was acting legally.   Bradford Councilman had a business, Interloc, Inc., that utilized an internet database for customers to upload their inventory of … »

University of California Pension Costs Force Tuition Increase

Time and time again, California proves itself to be a what-not-to-do handbook for states looking to responsibly balance their budgets. This reputation was clearly on display by the University of California Board of Regents’ decision to increase the cost of tuition by 25 percent over the next five years. The … »