Lessons Learned from Our Neighbors to the North

Oil Sands Academy Participants

Insights on Alberta from an Oil Sands Academy Participant

By The Honorable AJ Griffin, OK (SD-20)

Have you ever had a neighbor who lived close to you, but about whom you knew little? Before the ALEC International Relations Task Force trip to visit the oil sands of Alberta, that was my relationship with our neighbors to the north in beautiful Canada.

As a native Oklahoman, the importance of oil has always been clear to me. Energy is the bedrock of Oklahoma’s economy. We are very aware of the rich abundance of these sources of energy and take pride in leading the nation as innovators of new energy technology. But lying just to our north is another rich source of oil being captured using the newest of technologies. Companies led by Devon Energy in partnership with the government of Alberta are demonstrating the newest methods of extracting once inaccesible sources of fuel and doing so in an environmentally responsible manner. The result is a thriving economy and the potential for the US and Canada to work together toward energy independence.

Getting to know a neighbor better can help forge life-long friendships based on common roots and interests. Likewise our neighbors in Canada have much to offer us. The trip with ALEC was an eye-opening experience. I am now better informed regarding the importance of the oils sands to our future as a nation and am encouraged by the partnerships I saw demonstrated in the energy industry.

More information on the Keystone XL Pipeline is available in the links below.





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