Preemption Laws Provide Backstop for Localized Progressive Politics

Local governments play an important role within states, but not to the detriment of the taxpayers. Unfortunately, local governments have become victims of far left organizations manipulating the public and local officials to create policies that hurt economic development and individual freedom.

In recent years, as state-level elections empower lawmakers and governors to remove onerous government regulations and promote free markets and entrepreneurism, big government activists have begun targeting local governments to create oppressive policies that could not survive at the state capitol.

If more local officials understood the role of federalism in the balance of power between the federal, state and …

Magnet Schools Drawing More Attention

While the term “school choice” is often perceived as a decision between public and private institutions, magnet schools offer an opportunity to introduce another option for parents and families within their public school district. With almost 3,000 magnet schools nationwide in 2012, the trend embracing more public school choice continues … »

Oklahoma Legislature Ensures Public Safety and Fiscal Responsibility with Justice Safety Valve

Wednesday, the Oklahoma legislature passed HB 1518, which allows for judicial discretion to depart from mandatory minimum sentences for certain low-level offenders in specific circumstances. HB 1518 safely reduces prison overcrowding and prioritizes resources for violent offenders by allowing the court to modify the mandatory minimum sentence of a nonviolent … »

A Solution to Help Preserve Our State and National Parks

Every year, millions of Americans frequent our state and national parks. In 2013, tourists, families and outdoor enthusiasts made an estimated 720 million visits to state parks and 726 million visits to national parks. National Park Week is an opportune time to focus on how to best preserve our parks … »

If You Watch Baseball, You Support Oil and Natural Gas

As baseball season gets into full swing, our friends at the American Energy Alliance developed a neat graphic showing just how important petroleum-based products are when it comes to how we enjoy our nation’s pastime.