Campus Protests Highlight Need to Protect Free Speech

Students at Yale and the University of Missouri have been exercising their First Amendment free speech right to protest—well—the right of others to exercise their right to free speech. Textbook irony.

Free speech should be enjoyed and exercised by all, not just small groups on campuses trying to insulate themselves from intellectually-challenging ideas. It is important to consider why free speech should apply to all people, not just to some. Free speech is crucial on university campuses and universities should pursue policies encouraging, not chilling, free speech.

Universities exist to educate students, allowing students to pursue knowledge. As “marketplaces of ideas,” …

An “Unconscionable Decision”: League of Women Voters et al., v. State of Washington

WA Supreme Court

Late last Thursday, the Washington Supreme Court denied all motions to reconsider its decision in a case last month that sent shockwaves through the state’s charter schools. Just earlier that day, about 400 students, parents, and educators rallied near the state capitol to encourage lawmakers to pass emergency legislation to … »

Massachusetts Caps Boston Students’ Potential by Restricting Charter Growth

Boston charter school suarez_13charter_MET_002 (Globe)

Looking in from the outside, one would think  this would be a great time to be a charter school operator in Boston. The city’s charter sector has garnered praise for its high performance. Although the schools serve mostly low-income minority students, those students are learning at twice the rate of … »

Largest Provider of Obamacare Cites Unsustainable Net Losses

In a conference call held early Thursday morning, UnitedHealth Group announced it may withdraw from providing health insurance on the Obamacare federal health exchanges beginning in 2017. Because of its participation in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) state health exchanges, the company projects it will lose more than $400 million … »

Institute for Justice Report Highlights Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuses

According to a recently released report by the Institute for Justice, law enforcement agencies across the country have seized $29 billion in assets via civil forfeiture in the past 14 years. Civil asset forfeiture occurs when police officers suspect a person is guilty of a crime and consequently seizes the … »