The Importance of Unlicensed Spectrum

Technology can quickly outpace regulatory frameworks, and a new example of this phenomenon is the rapid expansion of WiFi-enabled devices without a concurrent increase in the fixed amount of unlicensed spectrum.

Spectrum is the full frequency range of radio waves available for wireless communications, and WiFi operates in the unlicensed section—that is, no licenses from the Federal Communications Commission are needed to broadcast. By 2017, Cisco has predicted that the average person will use approximately five WiFi-enabled devices each; but as it stands now, WiFi hotspots are already very congested. The gigabit speeds promised (and required) to meet 2017 device …

New 2014 Rich States, Poor States Rankings Show States Are Making Large Reforms

Since 2008, Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index has used the latest economic data to determine which states are doing well and which states are struggling. The past 50 years of data point to a clear connection between pro-growth policies of lower taxes, less regulations and competitive … »

State-based exchanges face scrutiny, questions of mismanagement

Officials from five states came under congressional scrutiny last week for various failures in creating state-based health insurance exchanges, despite each state accepting and spending hundreds of millions of dollars in federal establishment grants. Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Oregon each had top officials present for a House Committee on … »

Prison Overcrowding Threatens Public Safety and State Budgets

Audrey Williams How many people are actually locked up in the United States? Well, as it turns out, it’s hard to say. Inconsistent and fragmentary data has made piecing together the “whole pie” of U.S. federal, state, local and other types of confinement data difficult. Lucky for us, the Prison … »

Balancing Ride-on-Demand Innovations with Common Sense Consumer Protections

We all can agree that overregulation of an industry tends to chill innovative business strategies and ultimately harm the consumers the regulations were intended to protect. However, in pursuit of free market solutions, policymakers must craft public policy approaches that not only allow free markets to flourish but also protect … »